Our Staff Meal – Better than KFC Fried Chicken

Better than KFC – The Chequers Staff Dinner

Chef David loves watching the late night food channel, where they always show how Americans eat lots of deep fried meat on a road trip, how much meat and how much fried food they eat, but as a Chinese person it scares me.

So he gets all the ideas, and wants to cook them for staff, I have to say,  this is a very delicious piece of fried chicken.

And I am not afraid to share the recipe.


Flour mix: plain flour, pepper, salt,

Milk mix: milk, half a lemon juice, white vinegar

Chicken thighs, marinate with thyme, paprika, pepper, salt, garlic

  • bone the chicken thighs, marinate with the seasoning, and let it rest on the side or in the fridge.
  • Pour plain flour in to a mixing bowl or a plate, season with black pepper and salt
  • Pour milk in to another bowl, squeeze juice from half of a lemon and add a couple of teaspoons full of white vinegar in to the milk, and whisk until little bubbles appear on the top to create a frothy texture
  • Make sure your oil in the frier is hot to at least 180 c degrees
  • Take out the chicken pieces start with a dry coating then dip into milk and then in to dry flour mix again, repeat the same with all your chicken pieces, but only do 2 or 3 at a time, this way you keep the flour dry and crispy rather than letting the moist come through the flour.
  • Ready to fry, in to the oil for about 15mins, you should see the skin becoming golden yellow, if not sure, you can always use a skewer to test it, if you can easily go through then it’s ready.